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5 Min Blue Trend Rider Indicator

The 5 Min Blue Trend Rider represents a trend-based trading strategy comprising a set of powerful MT4 trend indicators.

It includes EMA crossover, Rainbow MA, and Heiken Ashi smoothed for detecting the current market trend. On the other hand, the MACD, Stoch Histogram, Kaguerre, and FerruFx Multi Info send the real-time momentum signals. Also, it involves the Fibonacci Pivots for daily price level analysis.

5 Min blue Trend Rider overview

Our in-depth review suggests that the 5 Min Blue Trend Rider is a suitable indicator for trading forex, stocks, and cryptos. Also, it performs well when applied between M15 to H4 charts.

Buy Signal Generation with 5 Min Blue Trend Rider

The green arrow below the Heiken Ashi bars indicates a bullish EMA crossover. Besides, the green Rainbow MA moves above the red MAs, indicating a bullish trend.

Later, the Heiken Ashi bars turn green, with the Stochastics Histogram showing positive values, which suggests the market is in a solid uptrend.

5 Min blue Trend Rider buy signal

Also, the while line of Laguerre needs to move above the blue line before confirming the buy order. After entering long, place the SL below the Rainbow MA and target an exit when the EMA arrow signals a bearish crossover.

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Sell Signal Generation with 5 Min Blue Trend Rider

While considering sell entries, first confirm the market is in a solid downtrend. The red Heiken Ashi bar with the red EMA crossover arrow above the price line signals a strong bearish trend. Besides, the red Rainbow MA moves above the green MAs, further confirming a downtrend market.

5 Min blue Trend Rider sell signal

Once we spot a valid bearish trend, we’ll look for a bearish momentum before activating a sell entry. Both the MACD and Stoch Histogram should show negative values in such a case. Also, the Laguerre should plot a bearish crossover, confirming an ideal position of entering short.

Name5 Min Blue Trend Rider
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