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NSND History Indicator

The NSND History is an MT4 momentum indicator developed to determine the overall balance between supply and demand in forex and stock markets.

Apart from identifying precise buy/sell positions, it also teaches traders how the change in supply and demand impacts the price in any market condition.

The word “NSND” is the abbreviation of “No Supply No Demands.” The indicator plots buy/sell alerts when the supply or demand of an asset gets dried out.

For instance, when the market suffers a lack of supply, the price increases. Conversely, the demand falls against the supply, causing a price decline.

NSND History Indicator Overview

NSND History Indicator delivers an immediate and secondary confirmation of the supply/demand changes.

For example, the red arrow signals the demand is at an alarming low compared to the supply.

On the other hand, the blue arrow above the candle indicates the demand is consistently low, and the market is likely to continue moving downwards.

Buy Signal Generation with the NSND History Indicator

NSND History Indicator buy signal

The NSND History Indicator helps determine the possible direction of the upcoming trend but doesn’t signify the level of entry.

So, we’ve added the 21 EMA for performing the price level analysis.

According to the above example, we entered long every time the indicator signals a “no supply,” and the price breaks above the 21 EMA.

Place SL below the signal arrow and consider a buy-exit once the price breaks below dynamic or horizontal support.

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Sell Signal Generation with the NSND History Indicator

NSND History Indicator sell signal

In the above example, the price first moves below the 21 EMA, indicating the asset is under a downtrend already.

Later, the NSND History Indicator plotted a red arrow above the candle signaling “no demand,” which we consider as a confirmation of going short within the recently formed bearish trend.

Hold short positions until the price exceeds a significant resistance zone. According to the above chart, we’ve decided on a sell exit once the price moved above the 21 EMA.

NameNSND History Indicator
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