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Quantum Alert Indicator

The Quantum Alert Indicator is the simplest day trading tool, well-known for consistently delivering real-time scalping signals on MT4 charts. It closely observes the changes in market momentums and spots potential price swing areas.

It plots small red boxes at the top of the candle highs that signal a possible bearish trend ahead. On the other hand, the blue boxes at the candle’s low indicate the market is preparing for a potential bearish move.

Depending on the intensity of the market momentum, you may encounter one or several boxes in a row. The more the same color boxes appear in sequential order, the stronger the signal is.


One major drawback of this indicator is sometimes it may plot early signals hampering the timing of the trade entries.

Therefore, we recommend using supportive price action tools like horizontal support/resistance, trendlines, or moving averages alongside the Quantum Alert indicator for better results.

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Buy Singal Generation with Quantum Alert Indicator

Quantum Alert plots two blue boxes at the bottom of the chart in the above chart while the candle starts closing as inside bars.


We wait for further confirmation and trigger a buy order once the price breaks above the large bearish candle.

You may exit the order when the indicator signals a bearish reversal. Alternatively, you can consider taking profits after the price hits a key support/resistance level or meets your targeted risk ratio.

Sell Signal Generation with Quantum Alert Indicator

When the indicator plots the first red box, prepare for going short but wait for further confirmation.


As you can see in the above chart, we’ve finally decided to go short after witnessing several red boxes, particularly the one at the top of the large bearish pin bar.

We’ve decided to close the order when the price started to move up after consolidating for a while at the bottom.

NameQuantum Alert Indicator
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