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100% Profit Trading System

The 100% Profit Trading System represents an ultimate forex trend trading strategy. It includes five trend indicators and two price-level tools for generating high-quality trade signals.

The combination of seven different indicators in a single chart may look a little clumsy. But the system gets much easier to trade with as soon as you learn how it works by mastering its trading rules.

This system deploys four individual moving averages for producing two types of crossover signals. The crossover between 5 and 8-period Linear Weighted Moving Average (LWMA) delivers short-term trend signals.

100% Profit Trading System overview

On the other hand, the 18 and 28-period EMA crossovers signals for intraday changes in market trends. Moreover, you may depend on the ZigZag NRP for identifying possible trend-reversal areas.

Furthermore, it involves the CU R&S V2 for showing horizontal S/R levels and the Donchian Bands for outlining the dynamic event areas of the market.

Buy Signal Generation with 100% Profit Trading System

100% Profit Trading System buy signal

Before we confirm a buy order, we need to make sure the price is strictly moving in an uptrend direction. The 5 LWMA moving over the 8 LWMA or the 18 EMA turning above 28 EMA confirm the trend as bullish.

Once the system confirms a bullish trend, open a buy order as closely as possible to the lower Donchian Bands and CU R&S V2 support levels.

Sell Signal Generation with 100% Profit Trading System

100% Profit Trading System sell signal

In this sell setup, the moving averages of the system already plotted bearish crossover signals when the price rebounded from higher Donchian Bands and CU R&S resistance levels.

Following the bearish trend condition, we may decide to go short when the price plots a bearish breakout at the horizontal support level of the system.

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In financial trading, it’s always important to anticipate precise trend signals to keep ourselves on the odds of winning trades.

For scalpers and day traders the task simply gets more challenging due to the random change in short-term market volatility.

In that regard, the 100% Profit Trading System offers an ideal forex trading strategy that is equally good for both short-term and long-term tradings.

Name100% Profit Trading System
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