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Aroon Oscillator Indicator (MT5)

The Aroon Oscillator Indicator is a versatile technical analysis tool that provides traders with valuable insights into the strength and direction of trends in the market.

It is a momentum oscillator that uses the Aroon Indicator to identify the time it has been since the highest high and the lowest low within a specified period.

The Aroon Oscillator is calculated by subtracting the Aroon Down from the Aroon Up, providing a numerical value that oscillates between -100 and 100.

Traders can use the Aroon Oscillator in multiple ways, including identifying when a trend is about to change direction.


Traders can also use the Aroon Oscillator in combination with other technical indicators to confirm signals and enhance their trading strategies.

The Aroon Oscillator is plotted as a line chart and is typically displayed below the price chart.

When the Aroon Oscillator is above the zero line, it indicates a bullish trend, while a bearish trend is indicated when the Aroon Oscillator is below the zero line.

Buy Signal Generation With Aroon Oscillator Indicator

A buy signal with the Aroon Oscillator is generated when the indicator crosses above the zero line. This indicates that the bullish trend is beginning to gain strength and is a good indication for traders to enter into long positions.


Traders should also consider other factors such as support and resistance levels and market news before making a trading decision.

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Sell Signal Generation With Aroon Oscillator Indicator

The Aroon Oscillator can also be utilized to produce sell signals in the market. A negative trend may be starting when the Aroon Oscillator crosses below the zero line.

When the Aroon Oscillator crosses the zero line from above, traders can place a short position, signaling the end of the bullish trend. When coupled with other technical indicators, the


In order to make sure the trend continues to move in the anticipated direction when the Aroon Oscillator crosses below the zero line, it is crucial to regularly monitor the trend.

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