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Spike Detector Strategy

Spike Detector Strategy is a trading technique that uses the Spike Detector MT5 indicator to identify potential market spikes and capitalize on them.


Parabolic SAR Trading System

The 3 Parabolic SAR trading system is a popular strategy that utilizes the Parabolic SAR indicator to identify entry and exit signals.


Digi Arrow Strategy

The Digi Arrow Strategy for MT5 is a trend-following indicator designed to help forex traders identify buy and sell signals in the market.


CMI Spike Catcher System

The CMI Spike Catcher is a forex trading system designed to identify price spikes and momentum shifts & is based on the Commodity Channel Index (CCI).


The 123 MW Forex Trading System

The 123 MW Forex Trading System is a price action-based trading system that relies on simple yet effective chart patterns to identify potential trading opportunities.


200 Pips A Week Trading System

The 200 Pips A Week Trading System is a popular mechanical trading system that is used to generate consistent profits in the foreign exchange market.