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Rapid Results Method DPI Indicator

The Rapid Results Method DPI Indicator is a trend-based MT4 forex trading system. It applies 7 Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) with different parameters. These EMAs generate crossover signals by intersecting each other.

Moreover, it adds parabolic SAR making sure its users can spot the correct trend reversal levels. This system also comes with a DPI trend oscillator. The DPI signal gives you the final confirmation for opening a buy/sell order.

Rapid results method DPI indicator overview

The basic trend confirmation is determined based on whether the EMA levels are re-arranged in an ascending or descending order. For instance, during a bullish trend, the 5 EMA moves at the top and the 89 EMA takes the lowest position compared to other moving averages.

Besides, we’ll use Parabolic SAR as trend breakout levels and filter the signals by using the DPI oscillator for further confirmations.

Buy Signal Generation with Rapid Results Method DPI Indicator

Rapid results method DPI indicator buy signal

As we’ve mentioned earlier, during a bullish market trend, the moving averages should be plotted in an ascending mode. For example, the 5 EMA moves above the 13 EMA, and the 34 EMA moves above the 89 EMA.

The price also needs to break above the Parabolic SAR resistance and the DPI showing yellow bars to confirm a buy order.

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Sell Signal Generation with Rapid Results Method DPI Indicator

Rapid results method DPI indicator sell signal

As you can see in the above image when the GBPUSD price initiated a bearish trend move, the 5 EMA moved to the bottom and the 89 EMA remained at the top compared to other moving averages. We interpret it as a bearish crossover.

So, we can decide to open a sell order after the price breaks the Parabolic SAR support and the DPI plots red bars.


The Rapid Results Method DPI Indicator represents a complete trend-oriented forex trading solution for MetaTrader 4 users. Its multiple EMA set is quite effective in spotting precise trend directions.

Moreover, its other signal filters such as Parabolic SAR and DPI oscillator keeps enhancing the accuracy level of the trade signals.

According to our review, the Rapid Results Method DPI Indicator follows a safer approach for assessing the trade signals which is very important for beginners.

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  1. Signed up for Rapid Results program today. Excited to get started. I use Forex to trade. I noticed that DPI and SARA are not available on the venue. Please tell me how I can add to my trading platform. Thank You! Don Meyers


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