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I-Sadukey Indicator

The I-Sadukey Indicator is a technical analysis tool used in forex trading to determine market trends and potential trading opportunities.

It is a trend-following indicator that calculates the difference between the current price and a smoothed moving average and then plots the result as bars on the chart.

The color and shape of the bars provide insights into the direction and strength of the trend.

Red bars indicate a bullish trend, while blue bars indicate a bearish trend.


The length of the bars indicates the strength of the trend, with longer bars indicating a stronger trend movement. Conversely, shorter bars suggest a weaker trend and a potential trend reversal.

Traders can use the I-Sadukey Indicator to make informed buy/sell decisions and identify potential price breakouts.

Traders should also consider the general market environment when utilizing the indicator, as it is more likely to generate signals carrying a higher probability of success during trending markets.

Buy Signal Generation With I-Sadukey Indicator

The I-Sadukey Indicator generates buy signals by identifying bullish trends in the market. A red bar plotted in a larger form indicates a strong bullish trend, signaling a potential buy opportunity.


Traders should use other technical analysis tools and strategies to confirm the buy signal and reduce risks.

By using the I-Sadukey Indicator in conjunction with other tools, traders can make informed trading decisions and identify potential buy signals.

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Sell Signal Generation With I-Sadukey Indicator

The I-Sadukey Indicator creates sell signals by spotting market unfavorable patterns. A strong bearish trend in the market is present when the bars turn blue and are presented in a larger shape.


As traders may attempt to enter short positions in expectation of future price declines, this could indicate a potential sell opportunity.

To confirm the sell signal produced by the I-Sadukey Indicator and reduce risks, traders should also take into account other technical analysis tools and tactics.

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