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Steinz Trading System

The Steinz Trading System portrays a trend reversal forex and stock trading strategy especially developed for MT4 platforms.

This system includes top price swing indicators such as TMA Centered Envelope, TDI RT Oscillator, Signal Arrows, and Market Session Clock for identifying accurate trend reversal zones on multi-timeframe charts.

Assess dynamic support/resistance levels using the TMA Centered Envelope alongside the trend reversal signals from the TDI RT Oscillator. The signal arrows around the envelope help identify the shifts in market momentum.

Steinz Trading System overview

You can also consider the attachment arrows while making buy-sell decisions. These arrows appear whenever the price rejects the higher or lower band of the price envelope.

Technically, Steinz Trading System is a perfect match for beginner-level day/intraday traders who loves to make counter-trend entries in multi-timeframe charts.

Buy Signal Generation with Steinz Trading System

The price denies moving below the lower band of the TMA Centered Envelope is the primary signal of the bullish trend reversal. When the TDI RT oscillator spots a bullish momentum, it plots an arrow pointing upwards in the main chart.

Steinz Trading System buy signal

Always try entering long close to the lower envelope to ensure a better profit margin. According to the above chart, we can exit buy orders once the system plots a red signal or attachment arrow. At the same time, day traders may consider a long exit right after the price rejects to exceed the higher envelope.

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Sell Signal Generation with Steinz Trading System

The red attachment arrow above the price candle indicates the price is rejecting a move above the high of the TMA Centered Envelope.

Steinz Trading System sell signal

It is an initial confirmation of a bearish trend reversal. Trigger a sell order right after the TDI RT Oscillator plots a red signal arrow ensuring a bearish market momentum.

While going short, consider an exit only after the Attachment and TDI RT signal arrow confirm the formation of a bullish trend reversal like the above example.

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