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WarLord Trading System

The WarLord Trading System represents a trend-following MT4 trading strategy that ideally suits forex, stocks, and crypto-assets.

This system combines dynamic price envelopes with trend bars and multiple trend filtering oscillators. The bar arrow signal suggests how the price is reacting around the support/resistance levels of the envelope.

For instance, the price rejects the lower band of the envelope, and the bar arrow plots a yellow arrow below the respecting price candle signals the price is likely to initiate a bullish move ahead.

WarLord Trading System overview

Trend 2 and Trend 3 are the momentum oscillators used to filter the trend signals assessed from the main chart window.

While backtesting the WarLord Trading System, we’ve found it a suitable strategy for scalping or day trading as it works better within 5-minute to 30-minute timeframe charts.

Buy Signal Generation with WarLord Trading System

Target long when the price intends to move above the lower price channel (red-line). If the system delivers a yellow arrow below the price, consider it an uptrend continuation signal.

Next, activate the buy order right after the Trend 2 and Trend 3 oscillators plot blue bars simultaneously.

WarLord Trading System buy signal

While on a long entry, try to place a stop-loss limit below the lower price envelope and consider an exit when the bar arrow signals a bearish trend.

Sell Signal Generation with WarLord Trading System

The price enters the envelope by breaking the higher channel indicating an overall bearish trend ahead.

Like the above example, the price plotting a bearish breakout with a downtrend signal from the bar arrows is an ideal setup for going short.

WarLord Trading System sell signal

Furthermore, the Trend 2 and Trend 3 oscillators start showing red bars to confirm the sell entry. Once you’re in a short position, place the SL above the higher envelope band and exit upon a bearish trend signals from the bar arrows.

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