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Arrozaq Scalping System

The Arrozaq Scalping System includes multiple trend analysis indicators and price action tools to correctly depict the market trend conditions. It outlines critical support/resistance zones and serves EMA crossover signals making chart analysis more accessible, especially for beginners.

Arrozaq Scalping System relies on a 5 and 13-period EMA to portray short-term trend conditions. Moreover, the yellow/blue arrows across the main chart window help you understand whether it is a bullish or bearish crossover.

The BPS support and resistance indicator apply horizontal dotted lines (red and blue) showing the possible event areas of the price.

Besides market trends and price levels, this system also weighs on current momentums providing extended confirmations of trade signals. For instance, its Holyguk offers real-time trend signals by plotting purple and green bars in the first indicator window.

Furthermore, Arrozaq Scalping System engages a dual-band RSI (21 and 115 periods) for demonstrating the momentum conditions.

Arrozaq scalping System overview

Buy Signal Generation with Arrozaq Scalping System

The 5 EMA moving above the 13 EMA is the first condition for going long. The arrow in yellow color confirms a bullish crossover. Next, the Holyguk bars should appear green, confirming the uptrend condition.

Arrozaq scalping System buy signal

The price rejecting the BPS support at the same time is a plus. Finally, before triggering a buy order, the 21-RSI needs to be above the 115-RSI before initiating a buy order.

Consider a buy-exit when the price rejects a BPS resistance, and the EMAs create a bearish crossover.

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Sell Signal Generation with Arrozaq Scalping System

The above example represents a short trading opportunity following a bearish breakout. Here, we’ve considered going short because the price broke below the BPS support while the EMAs confirmed a bearish crossover.

Arrozaq scalping System sell signal

Moreover, the Holyguk bar turned purple and the RSI bands moved below 50, ensuring a solid bearish momentum of the market.

NameArrozaq Scalping System
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