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Jurik Trend Strength Indicator

The Jurik Trend Strength indicator is a technical analysis tool that helps traders identify market trends and determine the strength of those trends.

The indicator is based on a crossover approach that involves two moving averages.

The first moving average is based on a smoothed version of the RSX indicator, while the second moving average is based on the difference between the smoothed RSX and the current price.

The difference between these two moving averages is then used to generate a trend strength line that oscillates around a centerline of zero.


When the trend strength line is above zero, it indicates a bullish trend, while a line below zero indicates a bearish trend.

The slope of the trend strength line can also be used to identify the strength of the trend. A steep slope indicates a strong trend, while a flat slope indicates a weak trend.

The indicator can be customized by adjusting the RSX length, smooth length, smooth phase, and K parameters.

Buy Signal Generation With Jurik Trend Strength Indicator

Buy signals can be generated using the Jurik Trend Strength indicator when the trend strength line crosses above the zero centerlines, indicating a bullish trend. Traders can look for this crossover on a chart and initiate a long trade in response.


However, it is important to consider other factors such as support and resistance levels, price action, and other indicators before entering a trade.

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Sell Signal Generation With Jurik Trend Strength Indicator

When the trend strength line goes below the zero centerlines and remains below it, suggesting a strong bearish trend, sell alerts using the Jurik Trend Strength indicator may be more accurate. Traders can hold off on starting a short trade until they receive this confirmation.


To verify the signal, it’s crucial to take into account additional technical analysis tools like resistance and support levels, candlestick patterns, and other indicators.

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