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Kuskus Starlight Indicator

Kuskus Starlight is a technical analysis indicator that is designed to help traders identify market trends and generate potential buy-sell signals in forex and stock markets.

It is a simple and versatile tool that is commonly used by both experienced and beginner traders.

The indicator is based on a 30-period moving average that helps to determine the trend strength of a currency pair.

It is presented as an oscillator window positioned below the main trading chart in MetaTrader 4 platform.


The Kuskus Starlight employs colored crosses as trading indications, which change color and value depending on the market conditions.

When crosses change to blue and their value exceeds zero, it indicates a bullish market. Conversely, when crosses change to red and their value falls below zero, it indicates a bearish market.

The Kuskus Starlight is also useful for verifying the validity of price breakouts and price swing points. It adapts automatically to different timeframes, making it a versatile tool for trend trading.

Buy Signal Generation With Kuskus Starlight Indicator

To generate buy signals with the Kuskus Starlight indicator, traders should look for crosses changing to blue and their value exceeding zero. This indicates a bullish market condition, and traders can enter long positions to take advantage of potential price increases.


Traders can also use the 30-period moving average to determine the trend strength of the currency pair and confirm the bullish market condition.

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Sell Signal Generation With Kuskus Starlight Indicator

The Kuskus Starlight indicator can also be used to generate sell signals by identifying bearish market conditions. Traders should look for crosses changing to red with their value falling below zero, indicating a bearish market condition. Traders can enter short positions to take advantage of potential price decreases.


The 30-period moving average can be used by traders to assess the strength of the currency pair’s trend and validate the bearish market environment.

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