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High Gain Forex Trading System

The High Gain Forex Trading System reflects an advanced trend-following strategy for MT4 platforms. It involves five trend indicators and two trade monitoring tools for boosting its signal accuracy. This system has been built for day trading purposes thus suits well with M1 to H1 charts.

The Trend Magic is the central trend identifier of the system. Besides, the Solar Winds Joy, XB4D, and RSIOMA monitor the strength and weakness of the trend.

High Gain Forex Trading System Overview

Moreover, you can use Currency Strength Meter, Gann High-low Activator, and Buy-Sell Signal that generates extra confirmations of the trade entries. Mastering the indicators of the system lets you reveal all the key trading factors including trend, level, and entry/exit signals.

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Buy Signal Generation with High Gain Forex Trading System

High Gain Forex Trading System Buy Signal

The Trend Magic and Solar Winds Joy turn green when the trend is bullish. Besides, the XB4D and RSIOMA values become positive indicates the strength of the bullish trend.

The Gann High-Low Activator and Buy-Sell Signal pointing upwards mean the final confirmation of buy orders. Exit longs when the strength meter indicates the weakness of the market trend.

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Sell Signal Generation with High Gain Forex Trading System

High Gain Forex Trading System Sell Signal

During a bearish trend, the Trend Magic shows up in blue and the RSIOMA value turns negative. Also, the Solar Winds Joy and XB4D become red to confirm the strength of a bearish market trend.

After the above conditions are met, open a sell order following the sell signal from Gann High-Low Activator and Buy-Sell Signal.

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High Gain Forex is a versatile forex trading system. Beginners may find it extremely helpful in defining the market trends, price levels, and key trading signals.

On the other hand, its advanced trading tools may offer great assistance for advanced traders with their decision makings.

The Gann High-Low Activator of the system offers a trade-alert feature. Once you activate it, the system will automatically send you trade signals via email and on-screen alerts.

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