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Forex Success System

The Forex Success System is a multi-moving average trading system. It depends on Simple, Exponential, and Linear Weighted moving averages for determining the market trend condition.

Besides, it includes a price envelope that sketches the overbought/oversold levels of the price.

Forex Success System Overview

The moving averages of the system are used to plot crossover trend signals and the price envelope shows the possible trade entry levels.

For further trade confirmation, use Forexss and Trend 1.0 signals. These indicators filter the trade setups plotted by the multi-moving average system.

Forex Success System is well-known for its excellent all-around performance as a forex trading system. Because it comes with all sorts of basic and necessary indicators for trend-based traders.

Buy Signal Generation with Forex Success System

Forex Success System Buy Signal

The crossovers in between the moving averages of the system are considered as the primary trade signal confirmation. For buy setups, the moving averages should be plotting bullish crossovers.

In such a case, the 28 EMA needs to turn greater than 28 SMA. Besides, the 8 LWMA should be moving above the 8 SMA, and both Forexss & Trend 1.0 bars should be turned blue.

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Sell Signal Generation with Forex Success System

Forex Success System Sell Signal

Look for sell opportunities when the 8 LWMA goes down below the 8 SMA and 28 SMA turns above 28 EMA.

We’ll consider such interceptions as bearish crossover signals. Also, make sure the Forexss and Trend 1.0 turn red. For profit-target, use price envelopes or exit at 2R profit.


Forex Success System represents a less complicated MT4 trading system. It suits beginners with any level of trading experience.

At the same time, its effective trading strategy may offer better trading assistance for experienced professionals. Besides, you can also use the system’s strategy for creating an MT4 EA.

Furthermore, this system focuses more on trade signal quality than quantity. The utilization of two crossover signals and multi-trend filtering tools are the main reason behind the improved accuracy level of the system’s latest version.

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