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Bott Price Action Indicator

The Bott Price Action Indicator is a powerful technical analysis tool used by traders to detect potential buy and sell signals in the Forex, stocks, and commodity markets.

It is an automated chart pattern detector developed for MetaTrader 4 platforms that provides traders with valuable information on the direction of price movements, momentum, support and resistance levels, and chart patterns.

The Bott Price Action Indicator provides traders with a complete trend-following indicator that is adjustable to multiple timeframes in MT4. It delivers straightforward to buy and sells signals that are suitable for all trading strategies.

The indicator works by displaying NLS and NLB icons on the price chart, indicating the detection of potential buy and sell signals.

Bott Price Action Indicator

These signals are also represented using blue and red arrows for a better understanding of the current market bias and the possible trade direction.

However, the indicator does have some limitations. It doesn’t show the name of the potential candlestick patterns, and its signals may not work during flat market trends.

Buy Signal Generation With Bott Price Action Indicator

To generate a buy signal using the Bott Price Action Indicator, traders should look for an NLB icon on the price chart, followed by a blue arrow pointing upwards below the current candlestick low.


After a solid bullish candlestick pattern appears, traders can enter a buy position with a minimum take-profit target of 2R to maximize profits. Traders can generate reliable buy signals with Bott Price Action Indicator.

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Sell Signal Generation With Bott Price Action Indicator

A red arrow and an NLS icon should appear above the most recent candlestick high for the Bott Price Action Indicator in MT4 to create a sell signal.


If a strong bearish candlestick pattern occurs, they should start a short position with a minimum take-profit goal of 2R. These guidelines can help traders produce trustworthy sell signals and make wise trading decisions.

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