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Turbo Trend Trading System

The Turbo Trend Trading System involves multiple forex trend indicators and plots a strategy that is quite phenomenal in determining trend directions and potential trade entry levels.

This system offers two different types of MA crossover signals. The exponential moving averages on the chart demonstrates visible crossovers. On the other hand, the arrow signals you see around the candlesticks represent simple moving average crossover signals.

Turbo Trend Trading System explanation

Besides, it includes MACD and Flat Trend V2 as trend oscillators. We’ll confirm a trend signal when both of them indicate the same trend direction simultaneously.

Furthermore, the system applies Woodie CCI, which is quite impressive as a momentum detector. This indicator also assists as a trend filter.

Buy Signal Generation with Turbo Trend Trading System

Turbo Trend Trading System buy signal

For longs, the 5 EMA needs to move above 8 EMA, and the crossover signal arrow has to point upwards. Next, the MACD must show positive value, and the Flat Trend bars need to turn green simultaneously. Finally, confirm long when the Woodie CCI value jumps above 100.

Sell Signal Generation with Turbo Trend Trading System

Turbo Trend Trading System sell signal

Before anticipating a short entry, both EMA and Crossover Arrow need to plot a bearish trend-reversal signal. During this period, the MACD becomes negative, and the Flat Trend bars turn red to add an extra confirmation of a bearish market trend. After affirming these signals, go short when the Woodies CCI drops below -100.

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The Turbo Trend Trading System offers a tremendous MT4 day trading strategy for forex and stock traders. Besides, you can also try it on Gold, Oil, and even Cryptocurrency charts to assess absolute price trend conditions.

According to our review, Turbo Trend Trading System is a good match for 5 and -15-minute timeframes. As a result, it ideally works for daily scalping tasks. Moreover, its simplicity of use grants an additional benefit for beginners.

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