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Pips Carrier Trading System

The Pips Carrier Trading System is a mix of basic MT4 momentum indicators and an innovative trend scanner. The creator of this system believes the combination of Stochastics and MACD can generate highly probable trade signals.

In the Stochastics window, the blue and red lines represent the %K and %D which plot frequent crossovers. We’ll filter these signals by using the Stochastics levels and MACd signals.

Pips Carrier trading system overview

For instance, the %K moves above %D addresses a bullish crossover. Such a bullish crossover is only valid when it occurs near the 20-level (oversold area). Next, we’ll look for the MACD trend signals and see if it matches the Stochastics momentum signals.

This system also includes Pips Carrier – an interactive market trend scanner that shows brief statistics about the current trend condition at the top left of the chart.

Buy Signal Generation with Pips Carrier Trading System

Pips Carrier trading system buy signal

According to Pips Carrier Trading System, we’ll look for a buy setup when the Stochastics plots a bullish crossover near the oversold zone (20).

During such periods, the MACD bars need to appear above zero levels. Also, its blue line (fast EMA) should be moving over the red line (slow EMA) to signal a bullish trend before you confirm a buy order.

Sell Signal Generation with Pips Carrier Trading System

Pips Carrier trading system sell signal

In this example, the price made an u-turn from the top and was heading downwards when the Stochastics plotted a bearish crossover at 80-level (overbought area).

During this moment, the fast EMA of MACD moved below the slow EMA plotting a bearish trend signal. Also, the MACD histogram bars move below the zero levels to confirm a sell order following the bearish trend of the asset.

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The Pips Carrier Trading System is a versatile MT4 trading tool. It fits any timeframes and supports trading all types of financial assets including forex and stocks.

Moreover, its Stochastics and MACD signals are very easy to read and follow by amateur traders besides experienced professionals.

If you’re looking for a simple and easy trend trading solution for your MT4 platform, the Pips Carrier Trading System can be the right answer to your requirements.

NamePips Carrier Trading System
Size127 KB
Top BrokerExness, OctaFX

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