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P4l Candletime Indicator

P4l Candletime Indicator is an automatic time-tracking tool designed for MT4 trading platforms. It displays the amount of time left for the current price candle to close.

Once you apply the indicator on price charts, it displays a candle time tracker, showing you the amount of time left in the current candle before it closes.


The P4l Candletime Indicator is suitable for technical traders who consider candlestick pattern signals as a buy or sell confirmation and helps avoid early or late entries.

The indicator doesn’t offer straightforward buy or sell signals but can help in timing trade entries and exits. It can also be useful in planning forex trading schedules and avoiding trades during news events.

Buy Signal Generation With P4l Candletime Indicator

The P4l Candletime Indicator can help you to enter long trades by showing you the remaining time for the price candle to close. The indicator works by tracking the time left in the current candle on the chart, making it easier for you to prepare for a potential buy signal.


To generate a buy signal using the P4l Candletime Indicator, you need to first check the candle time once the price tests resistance. If the candle closes above the resistance and plots a bullish breakout, you can then enter long. It is important to exit your buy trade on potential bearish candlestick signals.

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Sell Signal Generation With P4l Candletime Indicator

To use this indicator for sell signals, traders need to check the candle time once the price tests support. If the candle closes below the support, it plots a bearish breakout and traders can enter short.


Traders can exit sell positions on potential bullish candlestick signals. The P4l Candletime Indicator does not provide straightforward buy or sell signals, it is more of a tool to help traders make informed decisions based on timing and price action.

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