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Mix Binary System

The Mix Binary System portrays a price-action-based trading strategy. It is compatible with almost all kinds of online trading assets including forex, stock, commodities, and indices.

Besides, this binary trading system suits multi-timeframe charts allowing you to focus on both scalping and intraday opportunities at the same time.

This system applies Trading Flas Pirata as a dynamic price channel. Also, it includes Signal Arrows, Daily S/R levels, and Fibonacci retracements for boosting your price level analysis accuracy.

The basic goal of this system is to let its users find the right trend and define the potential levels for activating trades.

Mix Binary System Overview

Aim for buy orders when the price finds support at the lower band of the Trading Flash Pirata. Contrarily, the higher band is the ideal zone for opening sell orders.

Buy Signal Generation with Mix Binary System

Mix Binary System Buy Signal

The arrow signal appears below the candle when the price comes closer to the lower Trading Flash Pirata band indicating a buying opportunity.

For buy orders, place stop loss below the band-support or the current swing low of the price. Use higher band and resistance levels as potential buy-exit areas.

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Sell Signal Generation with Mix Binary System

Mix Binary System Sell Signal

For sell setups, let the price hit the higher band of Trading Flash Pirata. Next wait for an arrow signal above the price candle as a sell confirmation.

The price hits the lower band zone and denies going further down means it is time for a sell-exit.


Mix Binary System focuses more on anticipating the key market levels correctly. Besides, general support/resistance it also includes Fibonacci retracements that enhance the versatility of the system.

However, we recommend you to use either S/R or Fibonacci level at a time. If you use them together then your chart may look a little bit clumsy. For trend analysis, you may vastly depend on Trading Flash Pirata bands.

The overall direction of the channel mirrors the current trend condition. According to our review, Mix Binary System reflects an ideal trading strategy for beginner-level price action traders.

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