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Forex Perfect Trading System

The Forex Perfect Trading System represents a beginner-friendly trading strategy that anticipates both forex and stock trade signals on MT4 charts.

This system uses 21 and 89-period exponential moving average (EMA) crossovers for determining trend signals. It applies Heikin Ashi candles for verifying the trend signals. Moreover, you can use the Momentum and Stochastic indicators for planning the timing of entries.

Forex Perfect Trading System explanation

Technically, Forex Perfect Trading System suits all MT4 timeframes allowing you to go for the day and intraday tradings simultaneously.

Buy Signal Generation with Forex Perfect Trading System

Forex Perfect Trading System buy signal

The Heikin Ashi provides an early hint of trend reversals. It turns white when the price attempts to begin a bullish trend move. The 21 EMA is moving above 89 EMA signals a bullish crossover. Besides, the price should be higher than both moving averages confirming a bullish market trend.

Moreover, the Momentum indicator’s value above 100 signals bullish momentum. It is best to place a buy order during an oversold market condition. Therefore go long when the Stochastics value starts rising from 20.

Sell Signal Generation with Forex Perfect Trading System

Forex Perfect Trading System sell signal

In this example, the Heikin Ashi candle turned red and moved below the moving averages indicating a bearish trend. Meanwhile, the 21 EMA broke below 89 EMA, plotting a bearish crossover signal, and the Momentum value dropped below 100, indicating a bearish market momentum. Confirm a sell order once the Stochastics value starts declining from 80.

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The Forex Perfect Trading System comprises a reliable trading strategy that consistently generates potential trade signals. The combination of 21 and 89 EMAs works perfectly fine in both short and long timeframes.

Besides, its trade signal filtering tools such as Momentum and Stochastics offer fantastic support for day traders in avoiding weak trade signals. According to our review, the Forex Perfect Trading System represents a comprehensive trading strategy for novice price-action traders.

NameForex Perfect Trading System
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