Envelope Trend Trading System

The Envelope Trend Trading System represents a dynamic price channel-based trading strategy. It comes with a dynamic price envelope which is quite effective in determining the potential reversal areas of the price. This indicator assists traders in anticipating possible trade entry levels in all types of market conditions.

This system also includes the Barry S/R level that shows short-term support and resistance levels of the price. When the price rejects both envelope and barry S/R levels in the same direction, the system plots an arrow confirming a strong trend-reversal signal.

Envelope Trend Trading System overview

You’ll also find the Trend Bars indicator at the bottom of the chart. It is a trend signal filtering tool that helps you in gathering more confirmation of the market trend direction.

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Buy Signal Generation with Envelope Trend Trading System

Envelope Trend Trading System buy signal

The price penetrates at the lower band of the envelope suggests it is an oversold condition of the market. So, whenever the price moves above the channel support, look for a buy entry opportunity. The price rejects a Barry support level adds more confirmation of a possible buy entry. For a final buy order confirmation, wait until the trend bars turn green.

Sell Signal Generation with Envelope Trend Trading System

Envelope Trend Trading System sell signal

In the above image, the price rejects both Barry and Envelope resistance at the same time. Also, the system plots a red arrow above the candle confirming a strong bearish trend-reversal signal. Once the Trend Bars turn red, we confirm it as a signal to go short.


The Envelope Trend Trading System offers a versatile forex trading strategy. It works in both on-trend and sidelined market situations. Besides forex currency pairs, you can use them to trade other trading instruments such as stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Simply install it on your MT4 platform and apply it on any timeframes you wish. Once you master it properly, you’ll be equally good in both price-level and market-trend analysis.

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