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ART Trend Follower Trading System

The ART Trend Follower Trading System applies multi-ATR Stop indicators and trend oscillators for generating both short-term and long-term trend trading signals.

Its ATR Stops anticipates the dynamic range and the reversal areas of a market trend. While trading, you can use its curves as the key price breakout levels. Besides, the crossovers between its fast and slow versions also work well in determining the changes in trend directions.

ART Trend Follower Trading System overview

This system includes an extra price-level indicator named Dots Color for generating further confirmation about the possible trade entry levels. Furthermore, you’ll the HisoBands, CCI T3, and Bar Color at the indicator window of the system. These tools deliver useful information about trends and momentums helping you to filter the best trading setups.

Buy Signal Generation with ART Trend Follower Trading System

ART Trend Follower Trading System buy signal

During a bullish trend, the price breaks above the Dots Color and ATR Stop levels. Besides, the fast-ATR Stops moves above its slower version to signal a bullish crossover.

Besides, both the HistoBands and CCI T3 bars turn blue and show the positive value which confirms the existence of a strong bullish momentum behind the price movement. Next, we need a blue Bar Color to confirm the bullish trend and activate the buy order.

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Sell Signal Generation with ART Trend Follower Trading System

ART Trend Follower Trading System sell signal

In this sell setup, the price has already broken the ATR Stop supports and the Color Dots appeared above the candle signaling a bearish trend.

In the meantime, the HistoBands and the CCI T3 bars drop at the negative zone to confirm a bearish momentum. After you get the above confirmation, wait for a red Bar Color signal for activating a sell order.


The ART Trend Follower Trading System provides a good balance between the price level and trend analysis.

Beginners with less trading experience will find the ATR Stops and CCI-based oscillators extremely useful for determining trade setups with higher probabilities.

Since this system supports all TFs of MT4, you can apply it for both day and intraday tradings.

NameART Trend Follower Trading System
Size18 KB
Top BrokerExness, OctaFX

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