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Anchor FX System

The Anchor FX System is a combination of both basic and advanced trend identifying tools. It also includes price level indicators forming a consistent trading strategy for forex and stock traders in MT4.

It applies a 4 and 13 period EMA to plot crossovers providing basic ideas about the overall trend condition.

The BB Squeeze of the system is a trend oscillator that plots colored bars and dots to confirm both trend and momentum of the price.

Anchor FX System overview

Besides, the horizontal lines across the chart guide you through the critical price levels in live markets.

This guide explains how to anticipate buy/sell signals by using Anchor FX System in MT4.

Buy Signal Generation with Anchor FX System

Anchor FX System buy signal

Look for buy opportunities when the 4 EMA moves above the 13 EMA, plotting a bullish crossover.

The price respecting the Anchorfx Pivot levels as a support is a plus. Also, the BB Squeeze bars need to turn green and white dots to confirm a buy order.

Place SL below the 13 EMA and exit buy orders whenever the 4 EMA drops below the 13 EMA.

Sell Signal Generation with Anchor FX System

Anchor FX System sell signal

The GBPUSD price rejected the Anchorfx resistance during the EMAs plot a bearish crossover in the above chart.

Meanwhile, the BB Squeeze plot red bars and blue dots to confirm a solid downtrend condition.

Trigger short after meeting the above confirmation and place a stop-loss limit above the 13 EMA level. Exit sell orders when the 4 EMA turns above the 13 EMA.

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The Anchor FX System offers a consistent on-trend trading strategy comprising a set of easy-to-use MT4 indicators. It suits forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and many other assets listed on MetaTrader platforms.

In short, Anchor FX System represents a beginner-friendly trading strategy that fits traders with any level of trading experience.

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