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Turbo JRSX Indicator

The Turbo JRSX Indicator is a versatile tool used by traders to identify trends, momentum, and reversals in the market.

It is a trend-following oscillator that displays the trend direction as an oscillator line, which oscillates between 0 and 100. The slope of the oscillator line helps to determine the direction of the trend and momentum.

This indicator is designed to identify potential mean reversals in overbought or oversold markets, which can be identified by the oscillator line reversing near 0 or 100.

It can also help traders identify reversals based on divergences when compared to swing points on the price chart.


The Turbo JRSX Indicator is commonly used with a trading system for overbought or oversold conditions, based on the Turbo JRSX, Step-MA, and RSI filters.

It provides buy/sell signals based on trend retracements in the trend’s direction, with upper and lower signal levels set at 70 and 30, respectively.

 Adding markers to the oscillator line can aid in identifying potential mean reversals and the bias of the momentum or trend direction.

Buy Signal Generation With Turbo JRSX Indicator

The Turbo JRSX Indicator is a useful tool for identifying buy signals in a market that is in an uptrend. A buy signal is generated when the line of the Turbo JRSX Indicator breaks above the 30 signal level, indicating an oversold condition.


Once this occurs, traders can open a buy position on the confluence of a bullish divergence and a bullish price action after getting signal confirmation.

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Sell Signal Generation With Turbo JRSX Indicator

A sell signal is generated with the Turbo JRSX Indicator when the line breaks below the 70 signal level in a down-trending market. A trader can open a sell position after getting signal confirmation from a bearish divergence and bearish price action.


The stop loss can be set above the nearest swing high, and the take profit can be set at the nearest support zone.

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