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TBSTTKH H1 Trading System

The TBSTTKH H1 Trading System delivers effective price-action trading signals for forex, stocks, and other online trading assets. It detects the possible edges of large price movements and uses those levels as references for upcoming trade setups.

The Trading Zone is the most important indicator of this system. This tool helps you to determine the possible entry and exit areas of your orders.

We can aim for a buy order when the price remains closer to the bottom of the box and target a sell order when the price reaches the top.

TBSTTKH H1 Trading System overview

The TBSTTKH H1 Candle Size measures the lengths of the candle in terms of pips gained/lost during the candle period. The Pips meter shows how much pips were gained through a long or short entry placed inside the Trading Zone.

Buy Signal Generation with TBSTTKH H1 Trading System

TBSTTKH H1 Trading System buy signal

Open a buy order when the price rejects to move below the lower surface of the box and starts moving upwards.

As we can see in the above chart, the USDJPY has plotted seven candles at the lower edge of the Trading Zone and all of them have either failed or rejected to close below the specified price range.

According to the above example, we’ve decided to go long when the price makes a bullish inside bar breakout. Once you go long, target the exit near the top edge of the trading zone.

Sell Signal Generation with TBSTTKH H1 Trading System

TBSTTKH H1 Trading System sell signal

In the above example, the price clearly rejects the top surface of the trading zone, which indicates the market is heading downwards.

So, we can activate a short order after the EURUSD plotted a bearish pin bar at the selling zone assigned by the system.

Contrarily, we may exit a sell order when the price is rejected to move below the trading zone.

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The TBSTTKH H1 Trading System is specialized in identifying the safe trading zones of financial assets. This system comes with a bunch of innovative and exceptional MT4 indicators which makes your decision-making easier than ever.

It helps traders, especially beginners to anticipate the right trading zones during highly volatile markets. Besides outlining the buy/sell zones, it also assists you to spot and avoid the non-trading conditions during a sidelined or consolidation period.

NameTBSTTKH H1 Trading System
Size59 KB
Top BrokerExness, OctaFX
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