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AFStar Trading System

The AFStar Trading System represents an MT4 swing trading strategy. It applies auto price-level analysis tools, multi-arrow signals, and innovative momentum scanners for assessing trading opportunities.

The AFStar1 arrow indicates the possible price swing areas. Its RD Pivot Lines and auto support/resistance tools spot important price levels. The AFStar arrow signal delivers the confirmation about the price rejections at the S/R levels.

AFStar Trading System overview

After confirming a price level, we need to examine the current trend conditions. The Corridor RSX of the system applies a signal line over a moving average.

It changes its colors and produces crossover signals to show the momentum directions. Finally, the T3 Color Histo plots blue and red bars confirming the present market trend condition.

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Buy Signal Generation with AFStar Trading System

AFStar Trading System buy signal

The price rejecting a horizontal support level is the first requirement of considering a buy setup. A white AFStar1 arrow below the support line confirms such bullish price rejections.

The Corridor RSX turns green and moves above its black line indicate a bullish market momentum. At last, the T3 Color Histo needs to turn red to signal a bullish trend before confirming a buy order.

Sell Signal Generation with AFStar Trading System

AFStar Trading System sell signal

In this sell setup, the price moved a bearish breakout at the current support right after the AFStar1 plotted a red arrow above the candle. Next, the Corridor RSX delivers a bearish momentum signal by turning red. Finally, trigger a sell order when the T3 Color Histo confirms the trend as bullish by plotting red bars.


The AFStar Trading System is remarkably good at spotting potential swing trading setups. Its AFStar1 arrow and clear S/R indications make it much easier to assess the key trade entry levels.

These tools work in all timeframes and support all forex instruments. Moreover, its multi-trend confirmation tools and popup trade signal service bring more comfort to your daily trading life.

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