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Probability Meter Indicator

The Probability Meter Indicator is a technical analysis tool used in Forex trading to predict the direction of market trends.

The indicator is a combination of 13 standard indicators across seven timeframes and allows traders to optionally include two additional indicators of their choice. The resulting percentage provides traders with a clear signal of whether to buy, sell, or remain neutral in the market.

A green color above 75 indicates a strong buy signal, while a red color below 25 indicates a strong sell signal. A neutral trend, indicated by a value between 25 and 75, suggests that it is best to stay out of the market. The indicator incorporates real-time data, making it suitable for short-term trading.


Traders should look at the values displayed and make their trading decisions accordingly. However, the indicator should not be relied upon solely for making trading decisions.

Traders should always use multiple technical and fundamental analysis tools to form a complete trading strategy and consider market conditions, such as news events and economic data releases.

The Probability Meter Indicator makes percentage estimates to indicate whether to purchase or sell. The readings shown on the Probability Meter would require the traders’ close attention.

Overall, the Probability Meter Indicator can be a useful tool for traders to identify high-probability trades in the market.

Buy Signal Generation With Probability Meter Indicator


The Probability Meter Indicator generates a buy signal when the value is displayed in green color and above 75. This indicates a strong bullish trend in the market, and traders can prepare to enter a long position.

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Sell Signal Generation With Probability Meter Indicator


The Probability Meter Indicator generates a sell signal when the market is down trending and the indicator shows a selling possibility. The value displayed on the indicator is in red color and below 25, indicating a strong bearish trend in the market.

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