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Forex Goiler Indicator

The Forex Goiler Indicator is a technical analysis tool designed to provide forex trading signals based on Gann angles. The indicator provides two entry points, two take profit targets, and a stop loss.

The indicator displays entry and exit points, as well as the profit target, making it easy for both new and experienced forex traders to use.

The Forex Goiler Indicator plots white lines for the first entry, orange lines for the second entry, green lines for the first profit target, dark green lines for the second profit target, and red lines for the stop loss. The indicator also displays a candle timer in the right top corner of the chart.


To execute a trade, traders look for a white line and a bullish candle. They then open a buy position on the white line and set their stop loss below the nearest swing low or at the red line plotted by the indicator.

The Forex Goiler Indicator is a helpful tool for forex traders as it provides entry and exit points, as well as profit targets and stop losses.

Buy Signal Generation With Forex Goiler Indicator

The Forex Goiler Indicator is designed to help traders identify potential buying opportunities in the foreign exchange market.


The indicator generates a buy signal when the market is trending upward, and the price has reached a support level. The signal is generated when the green line crosses above the red line, and this is considered a bullish crossover.

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Sell Signal Generation With Forex Goiler Indicator

The Forex Goiler Indicator generates sell signals in the foreign exchange market by identifying overbought or oversold conditions in currency pairs.


When the indicator shows overbought conditions, it signals that the price of the currency pair is likely to decrease in the near future. This is because the currency pair has become overvalued and is due for a correction.

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