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Real Profit Strategy

The Real Profit Strategy represents an advanced MT4 trading system that involves multiple crossover indicators, S/R, and arrow signals to spot profitable trade signals.

The outlook of its chart demonstration may look a bit complex. However, trading with Real Profit Strategy gets more accessible and fun once you dig in to learn more about the system’s indicators individually.

The Best 82% Arrow, FXR-SR, and Pivots help you analyze the price levels to pick the best market zones for making trade entries and exits.

Real Profit Strategy explanation

Moreover, it engages some unique combination of momentum indicators for demonstrating trade signals. For instance, the Crosscheck 2.0 uses crossovers between 10 and 21 SMA. On the other hand, the CCI Cross plots crossover between CCI and RSI levels.

The Win95% at the bottom represents an ultimate trade signal filter. It determines valid trend-following moves to convert it into a profitable trading opportunity.

Buy Signal Generation with Real Profit Strategy

Real Profit Strategy buy signal

For long setups, the price must find support at FXR-SR zones or pivot lines. A red arrow below the support zone indicates an upcoming bullish reversal of the price.

In the Crosscheck window, the 10 SMA(red) needs to move above 21 SMA(green) along with the RSI(red) moving above CCI(yellow) to confirm a valid uptrend market to go long. Finally, activate a buy order when the red line moves above the yellow line at the Win95% window to plots a bullish crossover signal.

Sell Signal Generation with Real Profit Strategy

Real Profit Strategy sell signal

The primary requirements for considering a short entry are the price rejecting the FXR-SR zone or pivot levels as resistance and starts moving downwards. Also, ensure all trend oscillators, including Crosscheck, CCI Cross, and Win95% plot bearish crossover signal, confirm a sell signal.

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The Real Profit Strategy weighs more on solid trades and trend confirmations rather than generating frequent signals. This strategy aims to bring consistent profits for day traders who struggle to cope with random changes in price movements. Moreover, besides scalping, you can also apply it for assessing intraday trading scopes on forex and stock charts.

NameReal Profit Strategy
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