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FX Cash Detective System

FX Cash Detective System determines market trends and demonstrates buy/sell signals based on a combined report of multiple MT4 trend indicators.

This system uses DJ-MA – a fast-moving average, specially categorized for identifying the short-term changes in market trends. It also includes a 30-period Exponential Moving Average (EMA) for anticipating the intraday trend direction.

Fx Cash Detective System overview

The DJ-MA reacts faster than 30 EMA. So, when the DJ-MA moves above the 30 EMA level, we consider it as a bullish crossover or a bullish trend-reversal signal. For bearish trend signals, just look for an opposite crossover.

Moreover, this system generates some useful information regarding the current market trends at the top left of the chart. Here you’ll find a summary of major trend status, primary and secondary profit targets, and stop-loss amounts.

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Buy Signal Generation with FX Cash Detective System

Fx Cash Detective System buy signal

The DJ-MA must move above the 30 EMA for confirming a bullish trend condition. During a bullish crossover, the price must close higher than both moving averages.

Also, check the trend and ATR summary for further assistance. In short, go long when the price breaks above both MAs and exit when the price breaks below the DJ-MA level.

Sell Signal Generation with FX Cash Detective System

Fx Cash Detective System sell signal

In this example, the DJ-MA dropped below the 30 EMA level plotting a bearish crossover signal.

Additionally, the price rejects both moving averages at the same time which indicates a possible upcoming bearish move.

So, we may trigger a sell order when the price initiates a downward movement following the bearish crossovers between DJ-MA and 30 EMA.


Despite being applying multiple trend indicators at the same chart, the Fx Cash Detective System still offers simple and understandable signal demonstrations.

The crossovers between DJ-MA and 30 EMA are quite effective in delivering precise trend signals.

Besides, the trend summary and ATR-based target reports give you a greater boost in decision makings.

According to our review, the Fx Cash Detective System is an ideal trend-based trading solution for newbie forex traders.

NameFX Cash Detective System
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Top BrokerExness, OctaFX

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