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Benpuzzy Winning Strategy

The Benpuzzy Winning Strategy represents a trend-based forex trading system. This strategy applies two different methods for identifying the trend directions.

First, it generates crossover trend signals by using the 20 and 48-period Linear Weighted Moving Averages(LWMA). Secondly, it applies the Trend Magic tool that offers dynamic trend breakout levels.

Benpuzzy Winning Strategy overview

The TzPivotsD is a pivot-based daily S/R indicator. It plots the levels in three different colors. The red and blue lines represent the support and resistance levels, and the green line at the middle shows the intraday price breakout levels.

Buy Signal Generation with Benpuzzy Winning Strategy

Benpuzzy Winning Strategy buy signal

When the 20 LWMA turns above 48 LWMA, consider the market trend as bullish. For further confirmations, make sure the price breaks above the Trend Magic Level successfully.

A bullish candle closes above all the dynamic trend levels is an ultimate signal for a buy signal. For levels, follow the TzPivotsD lines and wait until the price starts treating them as support.

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Sell Signal Generation with Benpuzzy Winning Strategy

Benpuzzy Winning Strategy sell signal

For sell orders, we need to confirm a bearish crossover first. In such a case, the 20 LWMA should be drowning below the 48 LWMA. When the price breaks below the Trend Magic level, confirm the market trend as bearish.

After you confirm the trend, determine the entry levels by using the TzPivotsD lines. The price treating the pivot levels as resistance or makes a bearish breakout at the support are good confirmations for going short.


The Benpuzzy Winning Strategy represents a good combination of useful MT4 indicators. The LWMAs of the system may lag a little in producing the trend signals. However, they produce highly probable crossover signals.

The developer of this strategy has included Trend Magic for minimizing the lagging issues. Overall, the system offers an easy trend trading system that can be equally effective for all sorts of forex trading individuals.

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